Raised in the "yeah, yeah, yeah" era, when 2 minutes & 50 seconds was an incredibly long song, Bobby learned to get the as much as he could in 2 minutes. The melody and hook were the important thing...cool, abstract lyrics he left to Paul Simon, e.g. "I wish I was a Kellogg's cornflake". Today, while his songs now stretch past the 4 minute barrier more often than not, his melodies and hooks are still his "thing", although every now and then he can get a bit abstract...not that he's writing about breakfast cereals yet, just that sometimes he can be unclear...I think they call that "edgy" nowadays. Listen and relax, no need to get deep, life's too short.

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USA Songwriting Competition Finalist

Nov 17 2022

30 Songs a Day makes the finals. Co-write with Albert Garcia is pretty much a gag song, but what the heck! Inspired by a line from Ray Stevens uttered on The Mike Douglas Show before you were born....

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Fine Lines


Some new some old songs redone with The Fineliners from Nashville